Way’s to Keep Your Meals Interesting!

May 26, 2016

I have been working away on my meals lately trying to get them as developed and different as I can. There are a lot of ways people tend to get into a habit of eating the same thing all the time and not only is this boring for the body but also boring for the mind. Its good to learn to properly cook great food. This is good for when you have guests over- impress them with amazing meals, make sure your family has great holidays and other events with the amazing foods you make, and also when you have romantic interests over you can show off your skills!

Cooking is most certainly an art form- there is a lot of bad art out there. You need to make sure to constantly be bringing new materials in and experimenting. Push the envelope. Get some spicy foods and some exotic minerals and try them out in a new and exciting dish. Get some friends together and pick one country per weekend- see if you can all come up wish a nationally themed plate. This is a great way to spend some time with good friends. It’s a good idea to take down what you have made each weekend in something like daily food diaries.

I have been keeping track of all of my meals and plates lately- its amazing what you can think of when you record whats working and what isn’t working . Lots of people do this online publicly using something called an online food and nutrition diary. This essentially keeps track of what you are eating or preparing on a given day. Its a great tool because you can use it to also keep track of how good you feel- you can effectively track how different types of foods affect your energy levels. This way you can optimize your diet and make sure that the dietary needs are being met to the fullest extent. This is also a great place to track how many calories are in each meal which is useful if you want to start planning a more stringent diet for weight loss.

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