The Cutest House Plans for Bungalows

October 10, 2017

No style of architecture captures coziness quite like the humble bungalow.

Hitting the scene at the turn of the 20th century, bungalows quickly became one of the most popular building styles in Canada. There are good reasons for that. Bungalows are efficient, embracing an open floorplan that flows from room to room and eliminates wasted hallway space. They boast charming features like low-pitched roofs, broad eaves, and a welcoming porch with sturdy columns.

Bungalows are all about simplicity. Just ask a child to draw a picture of a house. They won’t return a sketch of a vast mansion or hyper-modern bunker — they’ll give you a square with a triangular roof, dotted by two little ground-floor windows. That’s a bungalow!

Aside from their charm, bungalows are also utilitarian. With everything located on the main floor, they’re ideal for people who want to cut down on the time it takes to clean and organize the house. They’re great for families, since kids and caregivers will always be on the same floor (though it’s admittedly less fun for hide-and-seek). Bungalows are also ideal for people with limited mobility, since they take stairs out of the equation.

If you’re not sold yet, just check out some of these adorable house plans for bungalows. Royal Homes are prefab home builders located in Ontario, and they happen to have a huge catalog showcasing all different sizes and styles of bungalows.

Flipping through their gallery, you can see just how versatile this building style is.

I’m clearly a fan. Can you blame me? Having grown up in a single-story, cottage-style bungalow, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for what is arguably the cutest building style out there.

I like being able to wake up early and go to bed late without tip-toeing up and down a set of creaky stairs. I hate having to drag the vacuum cleaner between floors to get the house clean. My family likes to holler to each other across the house (out of laziness, not anger), which wouldn’t be possible in a multi-story house.

Are you a bungalow fan? What are your ideal house plans for bungalows? Personally, I’m fond of Craftsman-style homes like the Portland, which combines the classic look with natural-looking elements.

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