Opening Your Mind To Thoughts And Inspiration

May 20, 2016

Sometimes we suppress our minds when it’s actively trying to tell us something.  It might be because we don’t want to think about a specific topic or we’re ashamed of our thoughts.  Other times, it might be because we’re tired and don’t have the energy to fully think about something specific.  However, opening your mind and feeding your thoughts and subconscious is a great skill to have, especially when you need to get creative and/or are learning something new.  You want to be able to transcribe all these thoughts into a diary or journal of some sort so you can look back on it later and reflect.  Reflecting on your thoughts really improves you as a person.  Writing down your thoughts and feelings and then reflecting is a great way to help you heal if you’ve gone through a difficult time.


If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few tips.  First, grab a pen and paper and write about where you are in life at this moment.  Are you happy?  Anxious?  Excited about something?  Write about where you are in life right now and how you’re feeling about it.  Are you exceeding your expectations or are you not where you want to be?

Next, write about the things you appreciate in your life.  It could be your friends, parents, even those new shoes that you just purchased.  Remember, no one will read these entries unless you let them, so don’t be afraid to be completely honest and express truly how you feel.  Continue writing and don’t worry about editing or grammar.  Write wherever your consciousness takes you – when reflecting on these entries, you’ll get more of a sense of what you were thinking when writing instead of a story that’s on paper.

Write whenever you can especially when you have something to say or a story to tell.  Personally, I love writing down my dreams and then reflecting on them a couple of months later.  For me, dreams are easily written down because there’s a plot and it follows a storyline of some sort.  Write whatever you feel like, and look back on your thoughts.  You might even surprise yourself.

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